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“Fons Luminis” – Manuscript Santa Maria La Real de Las Huelgas

The Gilles Binchois Ensemble have often performed works from this manuscript and thanks to a new
understanding of the notation – in particular, concerning the monodic part of the repertoire –, they have
decided to revisit it again basing their interpretation on these recent discoveries.

In 2017 the Gilles Binchois ensemble thanks to the Cité de la Voix in Vezelay will be working during a week in April to create “Fons Luminis” ; the first concert of this new programme will be given in Dijon (F) April 23rd, then in Liège (B) May 7th et in  Le Thoronet (F) July 28th. This programme will be recorded in septembre.



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“From Toledo to Venice” : A journey through Renaissance polyphony

The union of the voices of the Gilles Binchois Ensemble with the six diferently sized violins of the Sonadori Ensemble gives the works of these composers (Morales, Victoria, Willaert, Gabrieli) a variety of tones ranging from the clarity of the voices on their own to the sonorous plenitude of the two choruses together.

This new programme has been presented during the festival Les Rencontres musicales de Vezelay in August 2016 (here’s a few samples of the concert). “From Toledo to Venice” will be given in 2017 in Dijon for the Christmas concert.


visuel_tavagna_petit Read more  “Polyphonies en dialogue” : Gilles Binchois Ensemble /Tavagna

This concert will highlight the connections between the polyphonic systems used traditionally and adopted by the Tavagna ensemble and the different forms of French Faux-Bourdon technique here rediscovered using printed or manuscript sources from the 16th to the 19th century. It will also feature the monodies which are indicative of the richness of plainchant, and those that have been reclaimed in light of Corsican tradition.

This programme was born during a week of work organized in Corsica; afterwards it has seduced its public in Bastia, Ghisonaccia, Ajaccio, Marseille, Le Thoronet, Sylvanès, Sion…  Here’s a few samples of the concert given in Le Thoronet abbey July 2016 during the festival Les Rencontres Internationales du Thoronet.



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 “Missa Virgo Prudentissima” – Heinrich Isaac

This masterpiece is a synthesis of his artistry and a stunning example of Isaac’s inventiveness in its use of the cantus firmus. Great polyphonist who disappeared 500 years ago, Heinrich Isaac was very admired during the 15th-16th century. Today his works deserve to be re-discovered. 

This programme has been recorded and released under the label Evidence Classics in 2016 ; it has been well reviewed by the national and international press. A concert will take place in Bratislava May 31st 2017.




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