Crossed repertoires

beatitudes_visuel Beatitudes (Middle-Age/contemporary)

chant  from 12th and 21th c. polyphonies

Chant, monodies and polyphonies of the 12th century (Notre-Dame and St.-Martial schools) lead easily to Dominique Vellard’s pieces dedicated to the two singers, strongly inspired by middle-ages technics of composition and world oral repertoires…  Full presentation

visuel_luxeterna_petit Lux eterna (Renaissance/contemporary)

Requiem by Dominique Vellard

This program – created the 30th of september 2012 in Valère-Sion, Swiss – is centred on Vellard’s Requiem and completed by Spanish Renaissance polyphonies for the Holly week. LET THE ETERNAL LIGHT ENLIGHTEN THEM… Full presentation

visuel_cantique_petit Le cantique des cantiques (Baroque/contemporary)

In the direct line of persian poetry, attributed to king Salomon, this book has been included in the Bible though previously rejected because of its profane and sensual character. The jewish tradition and then the christian one have wanted to see there a symbolic avowal of the love between God and his people, between Christ and his Church… Full presentation


visuel_chantssacres Sacred songs of Islam and of medievel christendom / with Noureddine Tahiri, Sofia Labropoulou & Dominique Vellard

Gregorian chants, devotional chants of the Middle Ages, Sufi chants, and chants of the Arabo-Andalusien repertoire

This concert is a presentation of the dialogue which can take place when two cultures and two musical traditions are brought together. In this encounter the fundamental elements which lend chant its universality are gradually revealed to us – in the interplay of sonorities and timbres; in the colours of the vowels which are lengthened in the melismas; in the joy of virtuosity and in purity of text; and in the delicate balance between medium and message… Full presentation