Secular repertoires


visuel_amordelonh_petit L’amor de lonh

Troubadours, trouvères et traditional repertoire

Focused on the well known troubadour theme “love from afar”, this programme is a journey trough love feelings related to absence –due to war, crusade, tournament or paternal interdictions… Full presentation

visuel_vrayremede_petit Le vray remede d’amour – the genuine remedy of love

Machaut’s ballads, virelais and motets

Guillaume of Machaut was born around 1300, at the opening of this badly known and misloved time of middle-ages, caught as it were in a vice between a “classical” period –the 12th century–, and the Renaissance… Full presentation

visuel_fleur15_petit La fleur des chansons du 15ème siècle

This programme is devoted to the songs that had a greatest success in the fifteenth century. It is surprisingly easy to identify those pieces. The initial choice was made purely on the basis of the number of manuscripts in which they happen to survive today, divided up according to the decade in which they seem to have originated… Full presentation


visuel_amours_petit Amour, Amours….

“La fleur des chansons françaises de la Renaissance”

In this programme we have wished to offer you, and us as well, the songs which punctuated our musical life, and marked it with a special memory, through their softness, delicacy, sourness, melancholy or vigour, their text or melodic atmosphere, their simplicity or contrapuntal intensity… Full presentation