Religious medieval repertoires


visuel_jesse L’arbre de Jessé

“Prefigurations of Christ in the Bible’s great figures”

In a labyrinth of Gregorian chant,  polyphonic conducts (12th and 13th c.), rondellus and motets (School of Notre Dame in Paris, 13th c.), we meet Eve, Abraham, Jacob, Job, Jonas, Salomon… a journey punctuated with symbols which prefigure Mary’s divine maternity… 

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perotin_visuel Pérotin and the Notre-Dame de Paris School

“Virgo Mater” – invocations à la Vierge

The Notre Dame School emerges as one of the most fascinating and most successful phenomena in the history of Western music and may be regarded as the greatest French school of composition of all time… Full presentation

visuel_cantigas En o nome de Maria

“Cantigas de Santa Maria”

The repertoire of “Cantigas de Santa Maria”, gathered at Alfonso el Sabio’s initiative, is a complete illustration of the artistic world which has developed at his court: the poems – in Galician, judged as being the most poetical language by the well-read Iberians, and that until the XVth century – are the expression of the Marial devotion flourishing in those times… Full presentation

visuel_machaut Messe de Notre-Dame, de Guillaume de Machaut

with the Chant of the Assumption mass

Under the complexity of the technical resources used by Machaut, the singers, very familiar with this masterpiece, found in perfoming it a sweet blending of serenity and lyricism and succeed in transmiting it to the audience with power and simplicity… Full presentation


lepuy_visuel Le manuscrit du Puy

Offices de la fête de la Circoncision à la cathédrale du Puy-en-Velay, 12ème-16ème s.

This manuscript is an exceptional collection, which reveals at the same time the perpetuity and the musical repertoire’s evolution through the centuries. It contains voval music for the whole liturgical ordo of the Circumcision celebration, which is as well the New Year’s ; the Liturgy extends from the vigil’s Vespers until the night of celebration, containing all the liturgical hours of the day : a non stop celebration of more than 24 hours.  Full presentation

beatitudes_visuel Beatitudes

chant  from 12th and 21th c. polyphonies

Chant, monodies and polyphonies of the 12th century (Notre-Dame and St.-Martial schools) lead easily to Dominique Vellard’s pieces dedicated to the two singers, strongly inspired by middle-ages technics of composition and world oral repertoires…  Full presentation