Crossed repertoires

Virgo Mater

Notre Dame School

Between tradition and modernity, one of the most fascinating artistic phenomena in the history of music ! As an authentic architect, Perotin laid the foundations of the Western melodic balance.


There are projects that take years to come to maturity.
There are projects, the meaning of which seems obscure to their protagonists, but logical to those looking on.
There are projects in which it is perfectly clear where they are going, as soon as all the elements are united.
There are projects that only see the light of day thanks to the marriage of worlds that are poles apart from each other.

Here, have a rest…

In these “modal conversations around the Mediterranean” we get to hear ballads, lullabies and love songs from Greece and Spain (two countries with incredibly rich and varied living oral traditions) and devotional songs from the Middle Ages (cantigas de Santa Maria, Italian Laudes, a religious song by a troubadour).


"My end is my beginning and my beginning, my end"

Binchois meets Xasax. Two voices and two saxophones, a dialogue between two worlds : early music and music from the modern and contemporary period. A conversation between brief and concentrated forms that, beyond their specific musical ways, are connected by sharing a melodic modal approach.

Magnalia Dei

"And there was evening, and there was morning"

To celebrate the glory of the Creator through his Creation, here what this repertoire comes to achieve by opening the sublime book of nature. Facing the risks of nature, the medieval man implores, worships and blesses his Creator.

The composition of Dominique Vellard places us at the very first moment, in the creative vibration, by opening the first book of the Bible : the Genesis.