Mediaeval repertoires

Virgo Mater

Notre Dame School

Between tradition and modernity, one of the most fascinating artistic phenomena in the history of music ! As an authentic architect, Perotin laid the foundations of the Western melodic balance.

The art of a medieval cantor

Starting from the sung reciting of the Latin texts of the liturgy, the song of the early middle ages Church takes the form of a melody, ornamented, on a free rhythm, sang in full voice. The Gregorian chant accords with the length of the human breath, it establishes man’s relationship with the divinity, a relationship deeply embedded in his nature.

Douce Dame

The golden age of courtly love

The 12th century “Renaissance” is a major period of renewal in the cultural world in the Middle Ages, this is clearly demonstrated by the rich literary and musical production of this century. In parallel with the great medieval novels, a lyrical poetry in vernacular developed at this time.

Le Prince d’amours

Songs by Guillaume Dufay (1400-1474)

In the late Middle Ages, the song is the daily pleasure, it is at the same time the vehicle of love feelings, and the art of conviviality, par excellence.
It charms by the intimate union of music and poetry and fascinates with the mastery and refinement of its means. Dufay has been abble, with great delicacy, to sublimate this art.

Fons Luminis

The Santa María la Real de Las Huelgas Manuscript

The manuscript from the royal monastery of Las Huelgas in Spain has fascinated musicians and medieval musicologists for nearly 100 years. The collection, put together at the beginning of the 14th century in this Cistercian monastery near Burgos, contains 179 musical works of great importance and variety. The texted music brings together archaic music, numerous works which come directly from the Notre Dame School in Paris, and compositions written specifically for the monastery (the nuns to this day have retained a vocal style which seems to testify to an uninterrupted tradition).

Mass of Barcelone & mass of the ms. from Apt

Splendours of polyphony at the Popes court in Avignon

This programme juxtaposes a monument of 14th century polyphonic music with little-known pieces from the Apt manuscript. Voices and fiddles combine to reveal the full splendour of the music that resounded in the chapel of the Avignon popes.


Le Manuscrit du Puy
La Messe de Notre-Dame, de Guillaume de Machaut
L’amor de lohn
Pérotin et l’école de Notre-Dame

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